Who are you really?

Marketing to remind what is your core business

As we slowly emerge from lockdown, it’s a good time to reflect on basic questions of business. One of these is how effective is your marketing in projecting the real you of your business? In lockdown we have lost the personal feedback that we used to get that this kept on track.

Virtual Meetings Kill

One of the best ways to find out whether your marketing is working is to listen. This might upset those who think that marketing is all about shouting loudly and consistently about their brand and product.

It isn’t. Marketing has always been a two-way process. It should always be measured. That measurement informs the next step of the evolution of the message.

Now consider the virtual meetings that you’ve had where there are a group of people. In how many have there been little social discussions between 2 people that are the norm of real life. Probably hardly any. Instead, they’re discussions where everyone is listening. And when that happens because we are all aware of it, our behaviour changes and we tend to watch our words. In the virtual world more than the real world we seek to communicate clearly to everyone.

Virtual meetings kill the little feedback loops that might inform what that person really thinks or feels. The same is true of social media where tone and familiarity are uncertain.

Insight Reveals Marketing Action Needed

At a recent network meeting, I was given a brilliant testimonial in part about how some previous marketing work had laid the structure for their success and survival through Covid. This was followed by “I don’t know if you still do that”. My answer was very much yes. I still work with individuals and businesses to enable them to understand what would and could drive their businesses forward and create the strategies to do so.

This message was lost because of the other messages I have delivered in the last 2 years. I had fallen into the cardinal marketing sin of assuming everyone knew what I did. My focus had been to provide something fresh and new rather than predictable and stale.

As business picks up, it’s a good time to remind people about the core of your business; because with the lack of personal interaction, it’s likely they have forgotten. Then really listen.