About Aimed Business

Whatever the stage of a company, Aimed Business can help. Its founder, Andrew Callard, combines experience of creating and driving forward new business start-ups with managing change in older organisations as an operational manager and consultant.

That experience includes building £1M+ business units and lifestyle businesses; enabling fast and slow growth businesses; sustaining innovative businesses in new markets and re-energising established organisations with multiple competitors fighting for market share.

Realising your goals

People have aims. Businesses have objectives. For smaller businesses they often appear to be the same. For all business people understanding their why, their personal motivation informs the what and the how. Aimed Business enables people to achieve their business and individual goals through review or ongoing mentoring.

Business and Marketing Planning

Traditionally business plans are hefty dust-attracting volumes for the office shelf. For Aimed Business, the discussions and understanding about people, systems and processes to create the strategies are equally essential. They require experience-based practical advice and insight for effective consultancy, mentoring and coaching.

For start-ups and fast growth businesses, this understanding enables the successful profitable pivot from the original plan. For established businesses, it gets the commitment necessary for success.

In marketing, no two businesses are alike, even when they seem to serve the same markets. Consistency and simplicity are key. When combined with creativity and innovation, they make marketing strategies work.

Cost-effective Execution

Tools power businesses. With a business or marketing plan, execution is made simple and low cost with Aimed Business’ range of tools. They can be used solely by the client or deployed on a guided or execution basis.

Our strong knowledge of public funding such as Innovate-UK, European funds and Business Growth Service can lead to bid-writing and project management services to save the business money in co-funded projects.

To understand more about Aimed Business, please browse this site or call us on 01452 830327 to take advantage of a free half hour discussion.