Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingIf marketing was all about admen and PR women in the last century, since 2000 it seems that all is now digital marketing. Clearly hard copy still has a place. The most effective marketing tool is still for most businesses, the ‘business card’ delivered in the correct way at the correct time. But it is equally true that the website is the cornerstone of most business marketing.


Despite its importance between 20 and 40% of the UK’s smaller businesses still don’t have a website. They are losing out on the benefits of being able to act responsively and quickly to their potential clients in a way and at a time convenient to the client anywhere there is an internet connection.

A website is often the first port of call of potential clients to check out a new supplier or source a product. Yet often a business’ website does not work effectively for the business despite the myriad of available web designers.

Aimed Business reviews and builds websites based upon marketing communication principles in order to maximise their effectiveness. It works with a group of specialists to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the website through ever-changing SEO and advertising best practice.

Social Media Marketing

The world has gone mad with infinite social media on which businesses are urged to be present. When the merits of being on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin were first raised; being on social media for a business purpose was seen as odd. But this ignored that business is a social activity. People buy from people they know, like and trust. Social media enables the creation and development of relationships and trust.

When used well, social media amplifies these relationships and creates wider engagement. Anthropologist Robin Dunbar proved that through time the average number of stable social contacts is 148. We take this to mean that on average someone has 148 people with whom they could easily chat. Consider who is in your circle of contacts? What is often surprising is the number, who are work-related or have their origins in work.

Just as social media has been a strong marketing trend in the last five years so it has changed. This has reduced its effectiveness as an individual marketing tool, but is still part of the mix. Aimed Business is able to devise strategies which enable the sharing of best practice content combined with appropriate responsiveness. This can be delivered through training or consultancy.

Digital Marketing Numbers

Much of the effectiveness of digital marketing is down to numbers. Websites should be monitored through Analytics to inform develop of the site and of content. Email marketing and surveys should have built-in tools for feedback. We help businesses interpret those figures and identify the key performance measures either as part of a review or on an ongoing basis.

Our content services are described elsewhere. When we build websites for clients, the costs depend upon the size and complexity of the site. It can range from £500 to £20,000 plus VAT and will in all cases be based upon marketing principles of effective communication. Other services are typically provided through monthly retainers typically ranging from £100 to £1,000 plus VAT.

To discuss your digital marketing needs send us an email or use our contact form for the best time to talk and the best number.