Successful organisations know how to market effectively. Difficulties arise when there is:

  • no clear plan.
  • no real understanding of how to maintain or extend the product lifecycle.
  • the needs of the market evolve or change and are no longer fully understood.
  • the business uses a disruptive strategy or innovative application of process or technological advance.

Marketing plans can be all-encompassing such as branding or relate to a discrete new product launch. At their core is consistency and outward simplicity whether that is web-based or real world.

Marketing Strategy

There can be no marketing without a strategy or a plan. Marketing requires consistency and time to be effective. If marketing is seen to be just giving someone the equivalent of a flier, then it is sales not marketing. A marketing strategy covers as a minimum the 4 P’s of product, price, place and promotion.

A marketing strategy can cover much more with multiple product streams; branding at various levels, new product development, product extension, customer service and so on. It may require desk research, broader studies and surveys to understand the market through qualitative or quantitative research. Above all it needs to be brought together in a consistent system.

Aimed Business delivers marketing strategy as a stand-alone review or part of a longer consultancy.

Digital Marketing

From small beginnings in the 1990’s, digital has revolutionised marketing. Web 1.0 was the delivery of content by webmasters through the internet in static brochure websites. Web 2.0 enabled the posting and sharing of user generated content and the rise of social media to enhance/damage reputations. Web 3.0 is the machine processing of information like intelligent browsers.

Aimed Business has been involved with deploying of technologies for companies, reskilling individuals and academic research into the emerging web trends since the mid-90’s. Its focus is upon identifying what works and then applying it whether that is in websites, social media or other web-enabled solutions.

Content & Real World Marketing

Digital has fundamentally shifted marketing. It has enabled even the smallest companies to have low cost multiple conversations with potential and actual clients. What’s more it has created ways of measuring those interactions for more efficient management of marketing effort.

But marketing cannot exist solely in the virtual world. There is still a role for traditional marketing collateral. At the core of marketing is the creation of relationships, which is a people activity. The thank you for our meeting letter is effective because it is unusual. Businesses still exhibit and network. All types of marketing require content.

Contact Relationship Management

The C in CRM is usually Customer. Yet that Customer includes prospects as well as clients. Aimed Business considers them all contacts as it is from a contact that individuals can develop into clients. A contact from a business card and with permission can be nurtured through regular appropriate contact to the point where they or someone they know becomes your client. Aimed Business uses a low cost solution to achieve this.