Business consultingBusiness consulting means many things to many people and not always good! Aimed’s understanding of consultancy can be summed up as:

Opinion is free, but advice is paid for.

Anyone can have an opinion on any matter and may be keen to voice it. However whether you trust them depends upon your view of their knowledge and experience. Advice is well-thought through opinion that takes into account the circumstances and likely outcomes of a course of action.

The consultant may then tell the business something they already ‘knew’, but is, in this case, confirming that it is a sensible course of action to pursue. Or the consultant may propose an innovative course of action fully laid out in a detailed plan, which the business is able to pursue with the consultant’s continued help.

Business Consulting Services

Aimed offers a range of business planning and strategic consultancy services for organisations in Gloucestershire including:

  • Research based assessment such as market research
  • Group facilitation in brainstorming to generate new ideas for operational development
  • Strategic review and discussion 1:1 or with management teams
  • Business planning for start-ups and established businesses
  • Marketing strategy to launch or reinvigorate products and brands

Any business consultancy begins with a discussion of the objectives before a methodology, timing and outputs are agreed. Whatever the consultancy could be called, it is usually about growth either of the organisation or of the individuals.

Business Consulting Costs

The cost of consultancy varies significantly. Our standard single day rate is £640 plus VAT but ongoing projects spread over a longer period can be a significantly lower day cost. Our charges always reflect the expertise required and the potential benefit to the organisation through avoiding wasted time or gaining more of the business, the client wants.

If you have a problem, where business consultancy might help give Andrew a call on 07808 645353 and if necessary please leave a message.