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There are many different terms for Advice and Insight. The 1980’s and 90’s saw the rise of the Business Consultant and the 90’s and 00’s the Interim Manager. The 00’s and 10’s have seen an explosion of Business Coaches and Mentors. All rely upon the experience of the individual and the firm. All follow the key shift from hiring someone to do it for you to enabling business of whatever size to do it for themselves.


The professional business consultant was originally a time-served industry or functional specialist. They would be hired to provide advice and insight to enable the business to improve its operations. Or were a de facto interim manager overseeing the implementation of an agreed strategy. Then as consulting expanded, the consultant became younger and badged with an MBA to demonstrate business school knowledge.

The consultancy model is based upon achieving a depth of understanding of the client business before then investigating and executing a particular strategy. Often it results in reports, strategies and presentations before specialist implementation skills are applied to deliver the agreed strategy. Certain business issues are best tackled through consultancy.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are often confused by businesses and practitioners. Both are structured approaches to enable individuals to improve their performance and overcome problems through agreed tactics. Aimed Business delivers advice and insight through coaching and mentoring.

Perhaps the best example of coaches, are sports coaches. They work with the individual and teams to create a common vision and then work on the individual’s performance through knowledge of the skills required, psychology and physiology of the players and specific training sessions. Coaches direct the structure of the sessions. The advice and insight of coaches should not be confused with trainers.

Mentors are experientially based guides. That experience could be in the same sector or the same challenges faced by the individual or the application of broader knowledge. Mentors tend to work 1:1 and apply models such as GROW or structured questioning to enable the mentee to address the issue. The frequency and subject matter of the sessions are decided by the mentee.

Business Planning

Business planning decides the core objectives of the business and then cascades them into shorter term aims with activities and KPIs. A simple business plan may require 6 sessions of 2 hours of facilitated discussions to reach conclusions on products, markets, people, processes, basic financials. The basic plan can be enhanced either through mentoring and coaching or a deeper consultancy and research based planning.

Bid-Writing & Project Management

Having won and managed over 100 projects focused on skills development, smaller businesses, creativity & innovation and research & development, the creation and management of discrete projects is a core skill of Aimed Business. This is combined with a range of knowledge of Innovate-UK, Business Growth Service, European and Gloucestershire funds, which enable strategic decisions to be part-funded by other bodies.

Whatever you call advice and insight Aimed Business has the experience to help please contact us to discuss.

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