Development Tools

Growing organisations can deploy various low cost and easy to use business development tools to achieve their objectives. Whether that is CRM, auto-posting social media, collaborative project management or private health insurance to keep employees healthy and back to work quicker. Aimed Business recommends various business development tools where they are cost and time effective and are for most people intuitive.

Contact Management and Engagement

For all companies, contact management is key to effectively managing customer relationships and hence turnover.  But it is often ignored. With changes in technology now all organisations can deploy cost and time effective systems, which allow all electronic contact to be measured and monitored.

Within our Essentials package there are tools to:

  • Email newsletters, announcements and create campaigns using autoresponders
  • Collect feedback, surveys and polls accessible by email or social media
  • Create offers and promote by social media or as standalone pages
  • Organise and promote events, seminars, celebrations with booking and check-in functions
  • Create more fans for your Facebook page through campaigns
  • Report and analyse the actions taken or not thereby gauging interest and follow-up action. These are visible either on a campaign, total or individual basis.
  • Use on your website or social media to increase sign-ups to your relationship database.

This contact management and engagement toolkit saves most businesses time and money by ensuring that there is a consistent marketing push of relationship management.

Collaboration Tools

In the electronic age there are ever greater ways provided to communicate with one another. Not all of these tools lead however to active collaboration. Either this is the result of poor design or simply through misuse where volume is mistaken for enabling the message to be agreed and heard.

Smartsheet is an easy to use project management tool. It has inbuilt functionality to enable discussions at each point of the project and to attach files so that they are all in one place. It can be used as a simple scheduling tool or with experience be developed into a sophisticated progress monitoring and resource allocation tool.

Dropbox is simple file sharing software. While perhaps not suitable for high security document sharing, its ease of use and accessibility makes it a good basic document collaboration tool. It is particularly useful for sharing large files which might breach email attachment restrictions such as very hi resolution images, lengthy documents or complex spreadsheets.

Mindmeister is a mind mapping software tool which enables the creation and sharing of mindmaps either within existing or new teams. This can be done either in real-time or over a period of time. And can also be done off-line as well as on-line for the places that the cloud still doesn’t reach effectively.