Content & Real World Marketing

Real world marketingWhile digital marketing is important, modern business avoids real world marketing at its peril.

Indeed one of the ways to achieve marketing effectiveness is to use one of the traditional marketing tools to stand out, as it is now less used. The handwritten thank you for the meeting letter or postcard certainly creates an impression, because it is not yet another email.

Real world marketing services

Aimed Business helps define real world marketing strategies. It can then arrange for the execution of those strategies. Real world marketing includes:

Brochures and print. The days of the big catalogue brochure for most companies has passed. Print however still has a place in any marketing strategy. As buyers we don’t wish to consume all information through digital means. We need hard copy to point us in the right direction of websites and act as a reminder through a low cost leaflet or business card. This enables contacts of potential clients to forward our material to them. In brochures and print as for digital, consistency is everything to project a solid brand. We set those brand guidelines and can bring in specialist graphic designers to deliver the end product.

Packaging and launch materials. Packaging has certain legal requirements in terms of content definition, but also fits an aesthetic and brand function. Effective design minimises waste and maximises positive impact. Launch materials are a particular marketing subset. Here the wow factor may be even more important to create that initial impact. This audience will include opinion leaders such as journalists as well as potential clients.

Exhibitions. Often booking the exhibition is the easiest part. Then comes the need to set the success factors- is that actual business or leads to follow-up? Following on is the design of the stand and other collateral. Aimed Business helps set and review strategies. Or can be directly involved managing the creation of all collateral through to attending the exhibition as a ‘member of staff’.

Content. Most marketing, but especially digital, requires content. Here Aimed Business delivers frameworks to provide content through schedules and calendars of publication. Or it takes and edits content provided by the client to maintain consistency and quality. Or it provides the complete content for the client to approve and/or make amendments. As necessary we use draft copywriters, who understand your business.

Whatever your real world marketing needs please phone us on 01452 830327 to arrange a meeting to discuss whether Aimed Business can help you. Or grab us at a networking meeting, somewhere in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire or Monmouthshire.