Andrew Callard

Welcome to Aimed Business news and blog feed. Our aim is to post content regularly here which will be of interest to business and organisations of all types.

While our focus is on growth and small and medium businesses, the content here will also be applicable to leaders and managers in larger organisations.

Pieces will be categorised as:

  • Opinion. While advice should always be paid for as it requires a duty of care to ensure it is appropriate, opinion is free as most people usually have one or two. We certainly do!
  • Thought. Insights often come from viewing the situation in a new way or by understanding approaches used elsewhere so Aimed Business challenges itself to create thought-provoking content.
  • Information. Case studies will show how products and services can help similar organisations. Or news of trends and developments that will affect our target audience.
  • Innovation. As champions of true innovation, we believe that it can be positively disruptive and usually requires a mindset and culture to thrive. Yet there are multiple definitions of innovation, which we will explore.
  • Entrepreneurship. Now an accepted Business School term and some well-known champions in the business world, entrepreneurship ranges from the established serial businessperson to the first-time start-up on the kitchen table.
  • Practicalities. Successful businesses plan and do. Practicalities covers tools for both the planning and the doing so that they are broken down into achievable parts.
  • Social. Business is fundamentally a social activity. People came together into companies as technology meant co-location was essential to exploit the machinery. Technology now enables distance and independent thus increasing the opportunity for lonely working.