Trust Me, I Disagree….

Trust is essential to business as it is in life

We have all been in teams where we think that an agreement has been made to act in a certain way; but then someone thinks of a ‘clever’ way to wriggle out of it on a technicality. This usually happens at the key no-going-back point, which is then used as the justification because I had to! This destroys trust.

As a business coach, I trust that clients will follow through on what they have agreed they will do.

That is not to say that this always happens. Sometimes we talk through again the logic and emotion that makes the course of action the best one to do. And if they still haven’t done it for a third time, we work out what they can do to improve the situation another way.

In business we trust

Many people believe business is only about making money. Business is actually a social activity where all want to make some money to live, but not all want to be millionaires today. If business was purely about making the most money in the shortest possible time; then there would be no room for trust as each party is maximising their individual return. So, the buyer underpays and the seller under-supplies on quality or quantity.

Yet trust is the basis of all business. Business is based on contracts to provide on a given date the agreed product or service and then be paid on a given date in a particular currency. Change just one of these and the whole expectation changes.

Winning and delivering an order to be paid in 6 months’ time is not usually a good deal. Except if you’re a salesman getting commission paid on order on a monthly basis not delivery. And if the buyer decides that actually they meant 6 months after receipt of invoice and it’s suddenly 7 months to the producer; and we’re back in the first broken trust scenario.

We expect each other to deliver

If I can trust you in business, I can plan and act with certainty, a positive cashflow and sensible management of risk. When you tell me you have a real problem, I can be amenable and arrive at a mutually agreeable solution.

If we originally disagree and you are required to do what you’d rather not; but is essential to the process and the basis of our trust, do it. Because if as a team of businesses mutually delivering; you decide to breach our agreement on something you are required to do, but have a found a technical (aka stupid) reason not to do it; please consider whether we will continue to have mutual trust. And any further mutual business.