Collaboration Tools

All businesses need to collaborate to survive. Rarely do individuals operate in isolation as companies and organisations work together on projects, share images or organise their thinking in mind maps. That is why Aimed Business shares access to 3 collaboration tools it uses and promotes a fourth designed for the way smaller businesses operate.

Collaborating on Projects

Smartsheet is an easy to use project management tool. Clients have told us that it is more intuitive for non-project managers to use than the traditional options such as MS Project. They like the options to discuss particular actions in chat noticeboards and the ability to upload documents and ideas alongside to enable sharing.

The choices of formats for projects mean that for most there is somewhere to start. More sophisticated users can run reports from multiple projects or link actions into their calendar to remain proactive. It’s worth a trial to see whether it works for you.

Sharing Large Files and Documents

Dropbox is simple file sharing software with the key warning that the ease of sharing reduces the overall security of the system. So it’s not somewhere to share your bank details and PIN numbers! But if you want to share high resolution images, complex spreadsheets or lengthy documents; then it is very effective means of delivery.

If simple systems of version management are used, it is a good way to view and collaborate on documents and presentations or to share approved images. Careful management of files will keep the overall size of the account within the free limits. Or get more space by sharing links like this when someone takes it up.

Collaborating on ideas

Mindmeister is a mind mapping software tool which enables the creation and sharing of mindmaps. It works well in existing or with new teams and individuals.

Some people think in words; others in pictures and others still in flow charts. Mindmapping enables collaboration on ideas without the pressure of putting things into multiple words and to emphasise and move around the connections so a full picture is formed.

For those to have to think outside the box then they should be mindmapping