Could you use £1,000 for your business?

SAGE InformationAre you a business in Gloucestershire that has been operating for less than 3 years?

Or are you based in Gloucestershire and considering starting your own business?

If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions please read on because you may be eligible. And the choice is yours to whether it’s worth the time to gain useful information and then the money.

Only money doesn’t grow businesses…

While money helps, it does not alone grow businesses. For that you need a plan.

This could be the all-encompassing business plan. Surprisingly three quarters of businesses don’t have a current business plan, which goes some way to explaining why 90% of all start-ups fail within 3 years.

This is why the Start and Grow Enterprise (SaGE) project at the Gloucestershire Growth Hub offers a start-up weekend to enable young businesses to explore their business ideas with others and then importantly write a lean business plan. All in 2 days and all for free if you can answer yes to either of the above questions.

Alternatively it might be a business plan refresh or a specific plan around a theme or function. In this case it’s worth considering the series of 5 masterclasses. These address the key issues known to stifle the growth of young businesses. After the five 2-hour sessions held weekly there is a 2-hour 1:1 review to take you forward on the area you need to address. Again if you’re eligible, the only cost is your time to get to Oxstalls Growth Hub and to attend.

People Grow Businesses

Much has been written about the loneliness of the small business or start-up owner. In larger businesses there is always the opportunity and time to chat to someone else informally to gain advice or insight as necessary. More often it may simply be the feeling of being supported.

When owner-managers come together, they’re surprised to realise that their problems are similar to others. And more importantly through sharing those issues solutions arise. This is the role that the monthly Entrepreneur Networking meetings serve. They bring together new and young businesses to share experiences and develop.

And yes they’re free for eligible businesses as the whole SaGE project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with the University of Gloucestershire.

Show me the money

So if you can answer yes to either of the first two questions and are then eligible to attend the Start-up Weekend, or 5 masterclasses or 6 entrepreneur networking events; you would become eligible to apply for an Enterprise Voucher.

The Voucher is to purchase items for use in your business up to the value of £1,000. The application needs to be approved before the purchase is made, but you will be guided through the process of how to get the £1000 refunded and what it is eligible to be spent on.

To find out more please email Natalie Ferrari the Project Co-ordinator at the Growth Hub. Don’t forget tell her that you read about it on the Aimed Business blog. And please share this with anyone who you think may be eligible.

Or if you just want to have a chat about which I think is more valuable, the money or the workshops;  or are ineligible for SAGE and want to grow your business then email me to start the discussion.