All Forest Business GAINS

If you are a business in the Forest of Dean ask yourself the following, have I decided to grow my business in 2018?

  • If so my sales or profit will grow by say 20% this year, next year and the year after?
  • Or I will be getting more members of staff?
  • Because I will be creating and launching new products either new to my company or totally new to the market?

If the answers to any of the above are yes, then check out GAINS online here or on twitter at UoGGAINS

Gloucestershire’s Accelerated Impact Network Support

GAINS is a University of Gloucestershire project, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The full version of the acronym is Gloucestershire’s Accelerated Impact Network Support. But it’s much better to think of it as GAINS. It is one of the four key Gloucestershire Growth Hub European co-funded projects.

So what is GAINS? GAINS provides access to approved, vetted and quality assured business coaches at a highly subsidised rate. The coach works with your business to provide the tools you need to achieve the success you want based on their experience as businesspeople. GAINS is based on the Government’s highly successful Growth Accelerator programme, which saw the likes of Versarien grow from a Forest garage.

The programme has 4 elements:

  • Diagnostic session to create a bespoke Action Plan
  • Business coaching from a coach you select to work with you over 3-6 months to develop the areas identified in the Action Plan.
  • Expert masterclasses around innovation, strategy, people management, finance, new market entry delivered by experts to a small group of businesses.
  • Networking sessions with other Gloucestershire Businesses aiming to grow like yourself to share experiences and insights.

Time for GAINS in the Forest

The Forest of Dean has some 3,750 registered businesses. 91% of these employ fewer than 9 people, while only 5 companies employ more than 250. Yet hidden within the Forest there are many companies well-known internationally for a particular skill or product. For GAINS, it matters less where your business starts, but more where you might end up.

Only 220 companies across Gloucestershire can benefit from GAINS. So the message is simple to find out more email and begin the discussion to fuel your growth.

GAINSHaving worked with start-ups, family and established businesses of all sizes across the Forest, Aimed Business knows there is massive potential for companies across the Forest in Gloucestershire to grow further. It’s why Andrew Callard was in the first group of coaches to be quality assured; so that Forest businesses could have a local coach if that is what they wanted.

Working with the core GAINS team, it is also clear that with the current uptake across Gloucestershire, the time for Forest businesses to act is now to avoid missing out. Emailing commits you to nothing apart from finding out how GAINS could help you.